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Tomb of the 10th-century Persian poet Ferdowsi, author of hnme, the classical Persian composition of the Iranian national epics, in Tus. Iran's' oldest literary tradition is that of Avestan, the Old Iranian sacred language of the Avesta, which consists of the legendary and religious texts of Zoroastrianism and the ancient Iranian religion, with its earliest records dating back to the pre-Achaemenid times.
Iran Regional News.
The Foundation for Defense of Democracies Bradley Bowman weighs in on President Biden's' suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE and what potential signal it sends to Iran. Top Iran leader's' website posts Trump image apparently targeted by drone and vows revenge.
Nuclear Power in Iran World Nuclear Association.
A sound deal will also require Iran to verifiably address the IAEAs concerns about its past and possibly on-going work on nuclear weapons, which means Iran must address those concerns in a concrete manner before a deal is finalized or any relief of economic or financial sanctions occurs.
Official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
JCPOA not renegotiable, the only way to maintain it is lift of US sanctions/ Law passed by parliament implemented, but Iran's' cooperation with IAEA continues/ Missing opportunity to save JCPOA can complicate situation/ Iran, France can cooperate positively in regional issues by developing cooperation.
Iran History, Culture, People, Facts, Map, Nuclear Deal Britannica.
Iran is bounded to the north by Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and the Caspian Sea, to the east by Pakistan and Afghanistan, to the south by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, and to the west by Turkey and Iraq.
Iran Fox News.
US to act in the coming days on Iran arms embargo after UN Security Council rejects extension. The Trump administration said late Friday that it will act in the coming days to extend a soon-to-expire arms embargo on Iran after a U.S.
Iran: Where We are Today: a Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations Google Books.
Iran: Where We are Today: a Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, First Session, May 4, 2009, Volume 4. Iran: Where We are Today: a Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, First Session, May 4, 2009, United States.
Iran embassy marks Defense Week anniversary in Pakistan IRNA English.
Military attaché of the Embassy of Iran, Brigadier General Mohsen Riazat while expressing his views on the occasion said that 39 years ago on 22 September 1980, former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, benefiting from the full-fledged support of 16 countries, imposed an all-out war against Iran and occupied a part of our territory.
Europe and Iran: Perspectives on Non-proliferation Google Books.
They examine the development of the European Union's' strategy to combat the spread of WMD; Iran's' evolving security and defence structures and policies, including Iranian thinking about deterrence-based defence strategies and the requirements for crediblyimplementing them; and the internal dynamics of security policy decision making in Iran.
Verification and Monitoring in Iran IAEA.
14 July 2015 Director Generals Statement on the Announcement by the E3/EU 3 and Iran on the Agreement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. 4 July 2015 IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano's' Remarks to Media in Vienna on Iran Talks.
Iran Foreign Affairs.
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