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Typically, most diagrams describing networks are arranged by their topology. The network topology can affect throughput, but reliability is often more critical. citation needed With many technologies, such as bus or star networks, a single failure can cause the network to fail entirely.
Network Wikipedia.
The Network, a 1987 episode from Season 2 of Matlock. The Network, a fictional organization run by comic strip heroine Modesty Blaise. Networks, a graph with attributes studied in Network theory. Scale-free network, a network whose degree distribution follows a power law.
Network Definition of Network by Merriam-Webster.
See the full definition for network in the English Language Learners Dictionary. network net-wrk Kids Definition of network. 1: an arrangement of things forming a pattern with spaces between a network of roads. 2: a system of computers connected by communications lines.
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Network at Metacritic. Network at Rotten Tomatoes. Network at the TCM Movie Database. Network essay by Daniel Eagan in America's' Film Legacy: The Authoritative Guide to the Landmark Movies in the National Film Registry, AC Black, 2010 ISBN 0826429777, pages 733-735.
What is a Computer Network?
For example, the Ethernet standard establishes a common language for wired networks to communicate, and the 802.11 standard does the same for wireless local area networks WLANs. Computer networks have a variety of uses that many would see as essential today, including the following.:

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