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More Definitions for anonymous. anon y mous ə-ˈnä-nə-məs Kids Definition of anonymous. 1: not named or identified an anonymous caller. 2: made or done by someone unknown an anonymous phone call. Other Words from anonymous. anonymously adverb A large sum has been anonymously donated.
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Like Alan Moore's' character V who inspired Anonymous to adopt the Guy Fawkes mask as an icon and fashion item, you're' never quite sure if Anonymous is the hero or antihero. The trickster is attracted to change and the need for change, and that's' where Anonymous goes.
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Security This Week. Security News This Week: Anonymous Hacks ISIS Twitter With Gay Pride. Author: Brian Barrett Brian Barrett. Anonymous Launches OpTrump to Teach the Donald a Lesson. Author: Issie Lapowsky Issie Lapowsky. Anonymous Leaks Paris Climate Summit Officials Private Data.
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Anonymous Official Website Anonymous videos, news, posts, and more. November 3, 2020. Anonymous Watch Within the Next 48 hrs if youre reading this its too late Video. Anonymous Watch Within the Next 48 hrs if youre reading this its too late Video.
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Facebook still up Guy: Fuck anonymous theyre all fuckin trolls Troll: AN0NYM0US TAK1NG F4C3B00K D0WN F0R REAL! Facebook still up Guy: Anonymous is a bunch of mc donalds employees who have seen v for vendetta one too many times Anon: Anonymous will take down government websites to protest ACTA.

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